JetPack JoyRide

A few days ago on Android there is another game that is very popular on smartphones, whose name begins with the letter “i”.
We will look at whether Jetpack Joyride is worth attention. Personally, I do not understand the phenomenon of some production which are deified on devices that run under the control of apple. I am talking mainly about the type of productions Temple Run or Instagram. The first title on Android was (perhaps further has) some errors, also looked stunning graphics tragically (up wondering why iOS’owcy so like the title a long time wondering and so far I do not understand the phenomenon of the game). In contrast, Instagram, hmm leave it with little comment: there are better programs for applying filters in Android, and I personally do not need another social network.
The beginning of the relevant
After this somewhat lengthy and deviating from the subject outset to be honest, that title Jetpack Joyride I was thrown into a sack with a note “I do not understand this phenomenon,” in which were already previously mentioned apps / games. Therefore, for this game I approached quite sceptically without setting like fun.
The first pleasant surprise!
Pretty soon I was curious about this product even before the first firing title on my smartphone. What caused this small change of mind? See for yourself!
Well, unless you do not tell me that the kids are not dreamed of such Jetpack’u because I very much;). In addition, another point in favor of this game was the studio Halfbrick, which in addition to the game is the author of, among others, Fruit Ninja. Stage – more and more I want to see it.
negative point
Unfortunately, the game can not be (on 25 August) found in the Google Play Store. We can for this download for free for example. The Amazon Appstore, or after finding the corresponding file on the network * apk – Download | It’s a game for free, so none of the rights is not affected (or at least I hope so).
Reasonable Micropayments
More and more there is the production of free, in which additional functionality can be obtained from the use of micropayments. Unfortunately, it often is it that a game without buying additional bonuses is embellished with a low playability, boredom and the rapid rejection. Quite different approaches to the Jetpack Joyride, where indeed we buy into bonuses in the form of coins. Acquiring them in a normal game is fast and quite pleasant, and the gadgets and other improvements are relatively achievable without additional wykupowania bonuses.
Control? Simply can not be!
Playability is a really high level, and the whole Starowa game is to press your finger on the screen of our smartofona. In broad (literally) translating a whole lies in the fact that when you touch the screen with your finger, our character rises, and when we let it descends (conversely it looks like when we move to a mechanical dragon). The only difficulty in the game is to increase the speed with increasing distance traveled.
But what is it!
The main character accidentally bored salesman job is at the door secret” laboratory, where the test is as secret as the same laboratory Jetpack. The hero after a moment’s thought, which reminded him of a childhood dream, and a vision of yourself with such a device on his back, he decides to borrow” the said gadget. And from that moment begins our game, where you control the (already known as) form. Our goal is to collect coins (which can be replaced with: Other jetpacki, clothes, gadgets and other more or less useful bonuses), we avoid the missiles, lasers and electrical arcs that appear virtually non-stop on our way.
In addition to collecting coins from time to time appears on the screen a large coin, which enables us to play with the one-armed bandits, through which we can get an interesting bonus: extra lives, moving the body a few hundred meters away, doubling coins and other interesting bonuses. There are also square bonuses that make our hero Barry (so is his name – you can read from identifier) ​​walks in 5 different machines: starting from the motorcycle with Shootgun, mechanical bird down and through the teleporter, antigravity suit, ending with a mechanical dragon! The game itself allows us to one mistake, meeting Barry with an electric arc, laser or missile causing the end of the adventure, unless you are already on the previously mentioned food processor”.


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